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BYOD and Wifi

College Wifi

The College has extensive, high speed, wireless that covers almost all areas. So, wherever you are in College, you should be able to login on any wireless enabled device of your own, your smartphone, tablet, laptop, whatever. You may hear connecting your device to the College network called BYOD which stands for Bring Your Own Device. How you connect to the network will vary depending on the particulars of your device, in all cases however you will be looking to connect to 'OpenWifi'. 

When you select this network and try to visit a webpage, you will be asked to enter your College details, this will be your normal College username and password. Once you have done that you should connect to the College Wifi and have access to the Internet.

Its worth remembering that even though you are using your own private device, while you are connected to the College network you still need to remember digital responsibilities that were detailed earlier in this induction.